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Narindra R. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I ordered a Chinese fondue for one person, it was plentiful and good 🤤 Smiling and welcoming staff (Original) J’ai commandé une fondue chinoise pour une personne, c’était copieux et bon 🤤 Personnel souriant et accueillant

3 months ago
Jérémy R. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Delicious and authentic. Like what we expect from Chinese cuisine. (Original) Délicieux et authentique. Comme ce qu'on attend de la cuisine chinoise.

3 months ago
Kanto Miangola R. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Really good dishes, top service! We had Peking duck and sautéed beef with spicy sauce, we are delighted! (Original) Plats vraiment bons, service au top ! Nous avons pris canard laqué et bœuf sauté à la sauce piquante, nous sommes ravis !

3 months ago
Cécile noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I recommend (Original) Je recommande

4 months ago
Minjoo K. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The pumpkin beef hot pot is excellent as well as the mapo tofu! the portions are huge!! I will definitely come back! (Original) Le marmite de boeuf au citrouille est excellent ainsi que le mapo tofu ! les portions sont énormes!! je reviendrai surement !

4 months ago
The cat T. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Excellent as usual but service a little slow (Original) Excellent comme d'habitude mais service un peu lent

4 months ago
Beige Z. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very very delicious! Thai sour fish soup is a must! A must! A must! The taste is super rich! There are more than a dozen kinds of ingredients and condiments in it! After eating it, I still want to eat it! I have been to the store many times and often order takeout. Every dish is delicious, and there is no chance of being wrong! I also thought the stir-fried green beans were super delicious, but I didn’t have time to take a photo! The boss is also very nice! I'm here again today, I'm leaving a good review while I'm waiting for the food, hahahaha (Original) 非常非常好吃!泰式酸汤鱼必点!必点!必点!口感超级丰富!里面有十几种食材和佐料!吃了还想吃!店去了很多次了,外卖也经常点,每一道都好吃,根本没有踩雷的机会!还有干煸豆角我也觉得超好吃但没来得及拍照!老板人也很好!今天又来了,等菜的时候发个好评哈哈哈哈

4 months ago
nonokoecho noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Since discovering this restaurant by chance, I have been eating there almost every week after rock climbing with friends nearby. Generally speaking, the dishes are very delicious. You can see the chef's meticulousness in the dishes, and there are often some newly researched dishes. The boss is also very nice. When I went to the store for the first time and chatted with her for a few words, I felt very friendly and comfortable. After going there a few times, she would recommend new dishes that we might like based on her observed ordering tendencies. I just love seeing sisters being bosses, doing really well! Recommended dishes: 1. My favorite is the Thai pickled fish. It has a rich taste experience and I must order it every time. 2. The shredded pork in Beijing sauce comes with a very soft bun, and the shredded pork itself is also well seasoned. 3. Stir-fried green beans is also the most delicious stir-fried green beans I have tasted so far. The heat is just right and the beans have a crisp texture and are not greasy. 4. Boiled fish and boiled beef are also pretty good, personally I prefer fish. 5. Save it for new dishes, look forward to it! (Original) 自从偶然发现了这家餐厅,几乎每周在附近和朋友攀完岩都会去吃。 总体来讲菜都非常好吃,能在菜里看到厨师的讲究,并且经常有一些新研究的菜品。老板人也很好,第一次去店里的时候和她聊了几句天,就觉得很亲切很舒服。后面去了几次,她还会根据观察到的点菜倾向,推荐我们可能会喜欢的新菜品。就是喜欢看到姐妹当老板,做得真的好! 菜式推荐: 1. 最爱泰式酸菜鱼,味觉体验非常丰富,每回必点。 2. 京酱肉丝配的很软软的包,肉丝本身调味也很好的。 3. 干煸豆角也是我到目前为止吃到的最好吃的干煸豆角,火候刚好,豆角还有脆爽的口感,并且不油腻。 4. 水煮鱼和水煮牛肉也挺不错,个人更喜欢鱼。 5. 留给新菜,期待!

4 months ago
Xiao Lu - Charlotte C. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Highly recommended! I’ve eaten pickled fish in many restaurants in Paris, and I can’t say it’s the best, but I order it every time I come here. It comes with soup. The fresh seabass fillet is not particularly spicy but has the flavor of pepper, which suits my appetite very well. There are also Crab roe fried rice is also my favorite, and I order steamed buns and monkey food every time! Other dishes I have tried include Braised Pork, Kyoto Spare Ribs, Maoxuewang, and Boiled Fish, all delicious! (Original) 非常推薦!吃過巴黎很多家酸菜魚,不敢說是天花板吧,但是每次來都會點,是可以喝湯的,不是特別重口味但有麻椒味道的新鮮鱸魚片,很對我的胃口,還有蟹黃炒飯也是我的最愛,每次還會單點小饅頭,猴猴食!另外吃過的菜品有紅燒肉,京都排骨,毛血旺,水煮魚都好吃!

4 months ago
Thomas G. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Great value for money. Starter-Main-Side-Dessert at €13.50 as part of the lunch menu. With inflation, this is more than fair and it is becoming rare enough to be highlighted. In addition to that, the quality is there and the service is very efficient (we did not wait between services). I will definitely return! (Original) Super rapport qualité prix. Entrée-Plat-Accompagnement-Dessert à 13,50€ dans le cadre du menu déjeuner. Avec l'inflation, c'est plus qu'honnête et ça devient suffisamment rare pour être souligné. En plus de ça, la qualité est au rdv et le service est très efficace (nous n'avons pas attendu entre les services). J'y retournerai très certainement !

5 months ago